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Frustration-Free Packaging

Frustration-Free Packaging

Packaging is an essential part in e-commerce shipping, and frustration-free hasn’t become just a trend, but is the future of packaging solutions. Unlike traditional packaging, frustration-free packaging is easy to open while providing ultimate protection to the products. These frustration-free packaging solutions use packing materials that are 100% recyclable.

Onyx Packaging is an ISTA certified and Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging Certified Laboratory. We are your ideal choice when it comes to delivering the most demanding needs of the customers with unparalleled service, quality, and commitment to excellence. Through the frustration-free packaging protocols, we aim to eliminate the use of excessive packaging. We have also limited our use of plastic packaging, taking into account the Amazon packaging material.

Features Of Frustration-Free Packaging

At Onyx Packaging, we take pride in the design and production of our sustainable products and have eliminated unnecessary costs. Let’s get to know some distinct features of Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging. 
  • It is a certified and optimized packaging. 
  • It is easier to open.
  • It eliminates additional costs.
  • It successfully lowers the transport costs.
  • It creates a better image for the client. 
With its frustration-free packaging, Amazon proposes a series of tests and protocols that encourage companies to optimize the packaging they are using. The idea behind this packaging, is to ensure the satisfaction of the final customer while ensuring the safety of the goods inside.  With a greater level of personal accountability and sense of ownership, the efficient team of Onyx employees works together  to solve challenges, foster creative ideas, and to do whatever it takes to get the job done right. Our dedicated team of packaging engineers ensures that the packages of our customers are capable of withstanding a wide variety of shipping scenarios and arrive safely at their destination. 

Factors Hindering Companies To Opt Out Of This Sustainable Packaging

Even with these incredible benefits, there continues to be only a small subset of sellers who have adopted FFP. The factors that cause companies to opt out of this sustainable option are:
  • Brand Quality: Packaging can be a unique brand differentiator. Some brands may fear that by using FFP, they may create the appearance of poor brand quality.
  • Product Protection: Some brands may have a product that is fragile or tends to get destroyed during shipping. They might feel that FFP simplifies packaging a bit too much, and the parcel will not be protected en route.
  • Certification: Amazon Sellers have to initiate FFP and go through the certification process with Amazon. For some brands, it can be time-consuming to design new packaging and hit drop tests.

How To Obtain The Certification?

In order to obtain a frustration-free packaging certificate, a company is required to pass the tests established by Amazon, collected in the ISTA-6 Amazon.com protocol. This protocol, depending on the type of product to be transported, is divided into ISTA 6-Amazon.com-SIOC and ISTA 6-Amazon.com-OB. Some of the required tests are:
  • Freefall or drop test
  • Measurement of resistance to horizontal pressures or clamp test
  • Evaluation of packaging resistance to compression
  • Calculation of the capacity to resist vertical vibrations
  • Test of horizontal impacts that affect the stability of the load during transport

In order to carry out these tests, it is necessary to have access to simulation equipment. Onyx Packaging understands the requirements and provides our customers with test reports that are recognized around the world. Onyx Packaging was also named to the Amazon APASS network as one of the few Amazon-approved labs in the country. 

Packaging standards are important to ensure that packages must successfully navigate conditions like extreme temperatures, temperature variations, compression, vibration, impact, shock, drop, reduced pressure, and altitude. The packaging must stand up to these conditions and do so while maintaining the integrity and performance of the product it contains. 

Package testing is a detailed process that simulates the real world of the supply chain by mimicking various activities in a lab environment. The goals of package testing are to reduce damage and warranty claims, achieve the highest certification standards of vendors, and lower shipping costs through lighter and smaller packaging. Onyx also provides simulated shipping environments, tests to failure to determine the useful life of materials, and recommends package designs. These tests can assist with determining warranty periods, required warning stickers, and user instructions.

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